Localization of seizure onset zone in patients with focal epilepsy


  • Localization of seizure onset zone, using non-invasive ictal source imaging with high-density electroencephalography (EEG) recording, is highly concordant with resective surgery or intracranial EEG (iEEG) in patients with focal epilepsy.

Why this matters

  • Prior to resective intervention, the gold standard curative treatment for focal epilepsy, the epileptogenic zone must be precisely defined in order to ensure successful surgery and a better prognosis for the patient. Non-invasive pre-surgical seizure mapping is currently missing from clinical practice, but as the results of this study demonstrate, it may become a critical component of patient care in the future.

  • Non-invasive ictal source imaging may be particularly useful when assessing patients with complex interictal activity patterns, as they tend to be challenging cases with poor prognoses.

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