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Meaningful outcome measures for migraine medications


  • “Decrease in migraine frequency” followed by “decrease in migraine severity” were the top priority outcomes for stakeholders in migraine medications; this understanding will help inform value-based contracts between patients and industry.

Why this matters

  • Migraine is a common neurological problem which causes significant disability.

  • Treatment options for migraine have expanded in the past few years, with the introduction of novel anti-migraine therapies including monoclonal antibodies; however, these novel agents are very expensive, and their real-world value is yet to be fully demonstrated.

  • Value-based contracts work by linking medication costs to predefined, real-world performance metrics to help ensure that incentives are aligned and risk is shared between payers and drug manufacturers; in this way, patient medication costs are limited by the measurable value they receive from their medication, with the additional costs covered by the manufacturers.

  • It is unclear which are the most meaningful outcome measures for stakeholders, including patients, employers, payers, providers, and industry, regarding migraine medications.

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